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We are here to help! Read below for COVID-19 updates

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

3 Twelves COVID-19 Preparedness Efforts

3 Twelve is suspending all non-essential, work-related travel.  This protocol will be evaluated and updated as needed.  Non-essential, work-related travel includes, for example, visits to local Maxim field offices.  Essential travel, such as travelling to assignments, should continue.

Communicated safety expectations to our employees relative to COVID-19 including: proper handwashing, avoiding contact with others as much as possible, staying home from work when sick, and following facility protocols and guidelines when applicable.

Continuously evaluating the risk of COVID-19 exposure at 3 Twelves' in accordance with OSHA requirements and current CDC recommendations.  In the event there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure at our client offices, 3 Twelves will promptly coordinate with appropriate federal, state, or local health officials to determine the appropriate response and communicate this information to all our employees promptly.

Please be safe, distant and strong! We are deeply committed to continuing to serve our communities.

Caregivers and Healthcare

Thank you for your continued service to our communities during this unprecedented time. 

The health and safety of our nurses and healthcare professionals continues to be our top priority during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we are taking measures to protect your health. Please review our COVID-19 safety guidelines.




Where can I find reliable general information, the actual affected areas and the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus? 

To obtain additional information, please refer to the CDC.

Can an employee refuse a homecare assignment where the patient or a family member may have been exposed to the Coronavirus? 

Yes, any employee can be asked to be removed from a case for this reason.

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